I Finaly Opened My Online Store

Hello everyone I have been talking about opening my online store for a while now and I finely did it. I am super excited about this. I know that i don’t have a lot of items up in it for now but I am adding them daily to my shop. I will be having monthly special’s like for this month it is for every item that you buy you can get a free octopus buddy in a random color that I choose for you.

Here is a photo of the octopus buddy that comes in every color of the rainbow, including rainbow, semi-solid shades, and multi-colors.


There are a bunch of really cute stuffed toys/Amigurumi/Kawaii styled all crocheted up in my store for sale. I will  be adding more cuties and a few other kinds of crocheted/knitted items.Check back to my store often for I will be adding new items added daily.

Here is the Link:


I hope that you enjoy looking at my online store.


Thank You,

Heather @ Painted World Fiber Arts











Author: paintedworldfiberarts

I love yarn an fiber art, crocheting, knitting an all yarn related topics.

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