crocheting fun mini items an getting new yarn

I have been having so much crocheting little items like this strawberry, cupcake , as well as the mini octopus. Such fun. Here is the photos of them.

I named the mini octopus missy. I love nameing stuffed toys.

I got some new yarn that i will be wrighting a review about shortly on here. Its some fun recycled chavon ribbon thats sari silk fabric yarn. Love getting this kind of yarn due to each one looks a bit diffrent. I also got some yummy fire cracker yarn thats silk yarn thats recycled an spined up into a nice chucky rainbow. The yarn is all from darn good yarn. There one of my favorit yarn companies. Review about darn good yarn will be coming shortly.  Until then enjoy the photos below ,  as well as seeing my silly kitties they love yarn just as much as me. Wright more on here soon.


This is my first blog post

This is the post excerpt.

Intro about my sight and some plans for it.

Hello welcome to my blog. This is my first time making a blog page on here so still learning how to make this page work out good for me. Alright next subject i am making this blog page about me an my love of yarn, crochet, knitting, needle point, cross stitch, yarn dying, anything to do with the textile and fiber arts. If i had it my way the whole world would be made out of yarn an dyed in a beautiful rainbow of colors. Every place i go i imagine the world made out of yarn so let’s make this real.

On this site i will be posting things about my life, things/items that i have made out of yarn so excited to show off all of my wonderful items. My fav. thing to do is crochet so you will see a lot of crochet items from me.I also love yarn an write/talking about how amazing it is. So i will be sharing different yarn from other yarn dyers, companies and my thought on them an how you can get them. I also dye my own yarn, i will be showing off that when i do. So excited to get this sight up an runing and get to know everyone. If you love yarn ,fiber arts, crochet,knitting, cross stitching,needle point an anything made out of yarn as well as would love to see the world painted with yarn please join me on here. Also i will be setting up my other social net works as well as making some videos links will be added as there up an running but until that happens this is the sight to reach me at.

Thanks for reading

Heather @ painted world fiber arts