Crochet Hooks

Hello everyone today’s post is about finding the right crochet hook.
I love crocheting for hours an hours on end. I also hurt my wrist about 2 years ago. The injury will act up from time to time causing my wrist to hurt so bad that it is hard to crochet and grip things.  As my wrist started hurting more and more I began looking into better crochet hooks then the hooks like the boye hooks that i started crocheting with.

I did a online search for crochet hooks with rubber grips on them. I didn’t have a lot of money to spend on the hooks @ the time, also I like finding things that do not cost a lot but work out nice. I found a pack of crochet hooks on amazon that had the rubber grips i was looking for on them. I ordered them. They were in rainbow colors I loved that as well as they felt nice, griped nice, an were light weight.

I ended up using the pretty rainbow rubber grip hooks for 2 years. I enjoyed useing them they helped my wrist feel some what better but my wrist still had flar ups. As the time went buy as I was useing the rainbow rubber crochet hooks i thought to my self  it would be nice to get a wooden crochet hook maybe that would help my wrist have less issues when i crochet. I did a internet search for wooden crochet hooks an found the furls crochet hooks web site . I was like wow it would be nice to own a hand made crochet hook but the price isn”t going to work out now. i ended up saving that area on the site for later. When I was on the furls site there was a couple other cheeper crochet hook options that I was looking @ it was there odessy hook and candy shop hook. I  thought to my self this is going to be my gift to my self. I then waited 6 months later when it was my birthday and furls had a sale going on. I first got one candy shop hook. img_8385-1

The candy shop hook I fell in love with right away. It was so light weight, Fit nice in my small hands, It helped me be a faster crocheter. As well as it helped make my wrist not flare up as often. Not to mention the candy shop hooks come in rainbow colors that is such a cool thing. The furls crochet hooks were so worth the extra money to buy. I ended up buying a couple more of the hooks as well as trying out the furls odessy hooks.

I loved using the furls odessey hook just as much as the candy shop hook. The thing that was different with the odessy hook was the yarn glided off the hook really fast due to the weight of the hook being in the back. It ended up making where I could crochet faster then ever before as well as improving the flare ups of my wrist injury. Currently my wrist hardly ever flare’s up due to crocheting any more. I have realized how it is sometimes worth putting extra money into things that I love to make my life some what better. That way I live with less pain. I will keep collecting the furls crochet hooks. I will say the only issue that I had with the furls crochet hooks is that the candy shop hooks can break easy. One day i was crocheting a project an i ended up breaking the tip of the crochet hook off of 2 of my candy shop hooks.

When I broke both of the candy shop hooks I wrote a email to furls about it. They sent me 2 new candy shop crochet hooks free of cost right away. I was so happy that they really lived up to there life time warranty on there hooks. I learned that the candy shop hooks on the smaller hook sizes can break easy. That is the reason I ended up starting to buy the smaller sized hooks in the furls odessey so I don’t have to worry about the hooks having issues with the yarn I use with them as well as the size of hook issue. Other then that the furls crochet hooks i highly recommend  everyone that is serious about crochet to invest in hook that will save there hands/wrists as well as make it so they can crochet faster/smoother an make there crochet pretties look even betters. You can get the furls hooks @

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Heather @ painted world fiber arts