Foam Blocking Mat/Board Set Review…

Hello everyone. This blog is about this really nice foam blocking mat/board Set that I got to try out. It is from this Company called WooLove and they have a few items listed on amazon. This blocking mat that I got to try out is one of their newest products.


I made a you TubeVideo On the blocking mat as well . You can see that video at the link blow:


Here is some info on the Foam Blocking mat. Each set is a set of 9 foam  square mats. Each square foam mat is 12 x 12. Each set comes with 60 T pins. A T pin is a pin with a straight edge on top of it looking like a T on top of it. Each foam mat square has straight line’s on it so you get a nice straight edges on you finished crochet,knitting, or fiber arts project that your blocking out on it. You can also use the lines on the square mats to create other shapes so you get just the right shape for your finished project. Each foam square is heat-resistant. There for you can steam block your finish work on it , spray bottle your project wet, or wet dry your finished project on it. Each foam blocking mat set also comes in a nice plastic bag that zips up.


Each foam mat square goes together kinda like a puzzle piece.



As you put together each foam square the square’s becomes flat and makes a very nice smooth spot to block your finished crochet ,knitting, or fiber arts work out on.

The way that I tried out the foam mats was I needed to block out some granny squares of mine out before putting them together. So I took one of them. Put it down on the mat used the lines to lay it out in a nice square shape. I put the T pins that the set came with on each corner of the granny square. Making sure that the square was flat before putting the pins in. Then sprayed it with water and let it sit for a few hours to dry.


Once the square was dry. I then took the T pins out.


I looked at the square. I was very happy that the edges looked nice and that the square was the correct size that I wanted it to be.


I liked how the foam blocking mat has worked out so far, I will be trying out some steam blocking on it soon as well as doing a how to block finished projects out on a foam blocking mat. I will be writing about it as well as making a video.

If you would like to buy one of these foam blocking mat sets you can by clicking the link down blow:



or you can just contact them by a e-mail:



I hope you enjoyed reading  my review and info about this very nice foam blocking mat/board and have a good rest of the day, afternoon, or night. Talk to you next time.

Heather @ Painted World Fiber Arts