I am writing about some updates happening.


I am going to be updating this web sight to make it work better and be better organized if this happens and it isn’t as hard as it has been to do this in the past and I like how it looks this page will stay up and I will be updating it a lot more often. If this page doesn’t work out how I would like it to work out I then will be moving it to a different web sight that is essayer to make it look and work better. This web sight will be very under construction as I am updating it and changing it around but in the end I want to be more happy about it and able to use it betters.


I will be making some videos in the next few weeks they will be mostly short saying hi and what I am working on at the moment as well as some vlog/behind the scenes videos. I am excited to be back making/posting videos and chatting with all of you. The videos will be posted on YouTube. I will also be doing live streams on twitch again in the next few weeks the videos on twitch that I will be me making are me making a crocheted toy or video game play and chats. I will be cleaning the craft room and fixing my mic issue and some tech stuff and hopefully the internet will be good( I will be fixing the internet issues soon.)and then live streams are back.

Crochet/Sewing Updates

I have been working on lots of new crochet toy/sewing projects. I will be taking the pics of the crochet/sewing items and putting all of them up for sale in my online etsy shop. I will also be sharing and talking more about all of the new crochet toys/sewing projects that I have made and will be making in a video on youtube I will be making it and posting it soon. I am also working on some crochet toy patterns and hope to finely put them into pdf and then they will be for sale in my etsy shop. I am excited to be finely make some patterns and share them with all of you. So many new things to talk about and share. I have been quiet but still around.

I will talk to you all on the next post. I hope all of you like how this page turns out as I fix it up and make it better.