Info about my yarn give away an patterns/projects from podcast # 6

My Yarn give away info:

I am having my first yarn give away it is going through October 16th 2017 –           November 1st 2017 . I will be picking the winner on November 2ed 2017 .

Here is a pic of what the yarn looks like:


If you are interested in wining these yarn pretty’sI made a video about all the info with what you have to do to get entered in the giveaway on my YouTube Channel in the video down blow.


Here is the link to My latest Podcast:

Podcast # 6 Mondays in Our PJS/ Yarn chat:


Podcast # 6 Fridays Late Night / Yarn Chat:



Here is the patterns/ project that were in podcast #6.



Mini octopus’s and Pumpkins.


The mini octopus’s:



The pattern for the mini octopus’s can be found :


The octopus pattern is very easy to fallow fun to make and very cute when finished.


The red and grey octopus was made with this yarn:


It is hobby lobby I love this cotton which is a dk worsted weight 100% cotton yarn. The yarn is ok to work with but is soft and makes cute amigurumi’s .The yarn colors are in red an grey. The plastic safety eyes are from 6060 eyes in size 7.5mm. It is stuffed with polly-fill stuffing. Its face is in cotton floss in the color black.


This octopus that is multi colored:


The yarn that I used was:


It is expression fiber arts Dewy Dk yarn that is a merino superwash, nylon, and silk blend , that is very soft and  shiny.  The color way is secret recipe. Love the yarn a lot. The plastic safety eyes are from 6060 eyes in the color black in size 7.5mm. It is stuffed in polly-fill and the mouth is in cotton floss in the color black.

The octopus that is:


The yarn Used for it is:


The yarn is expression fiber arts yarn in their tencel sport weight yarn that is a tencal/superwash merino wool 50/50 blend of yarn. It is very shiny an is more of a fingering/sock weight than sport. It has a lot of stretch and bounce to it. Love it. I forgot what color way it was but it was one of there Halloween color’s. The plastic safety eyes are from 6060 eyes in the color black in size 6mm. It is stuffed with polly-fill and the mouth is in pink cotton floss.

Loved making these mini octopuses and will making lots more of them. Here are some more pic’s of them.

From the front:


From the back:








For the Pumpkins:


The pattern for the pumpkins that i used was:

For the blue one was happyberry’s pattern it can be found on here YouTube page. You can find her by going to YouTube and typing happyberry in the search.

The orange one I used this pattern:

Both patterns are fun to crochet and have easy to fallow directions.

The orange pumpkin:


I used this yarn for it:


It is paintbox yarn in the colors dark green and orange in there DK 100% cotton yarn.The eyes are from 6060 eyes in the size 6mm in the color black. It is stuffed with polly-fill stuffing and the face is made with black cotton floss.

For the blue pumpkin:


I used this yarn:


It is paintbox yarn i dolphin blue and pure black. It is there Dk weight yarn that is 100% cotton. It is stuffed with polly fill.

Love how the pumpkins turned out. Here is more pics of them

The orange pumpkin from the back:











Here is a photo of all of my Crocheted amigurumi’s from the end of Aug-middle of Oct.



I hope that you liked reading this. Thank you:

Heather @ Painted World Fiber Arts



My Finished Crocheted Projects for the Last 2 Weeks

Hello. Weather you have been watching my podcast/yarn chats on YouTube or just checking out my page on here. Here is my crocheted projects for the last 2 weeks an Links for my YouTube PodCast’s/yarn chat .




My Podcasts on Monday in our pjs/yarn chat & Friday late night latest YouTube Videos please watch as well as enjoy all of the Crochet project pics an links to the patterns.

Podcast/yarn chat YouTube Links:

podcast # 3 Monday in our pjs/yarn chat:



Podcast # 3 Friday late night/Yarn chat:



Podcast # 4 Mondays in our Pjs/yarn chat:




The patterns that I have been working on are :




The mini bat A.K.A. Ms. Missy the  Bat:


The mini bat I did different wings and added legs and arms as well as lips on it and different ears. Crocheting a happy friendly bat was so much fun a happy early Halloween fun crocheting time. Will be making Ms. Missy the bat a friend

You can get the pattern for it :


The yarn:


Paintbox yarn in bubble gum pink an granit gray. In Paintbox yarns cotton Dk weight. The eyes are from 6060 eyes> I used polly-fill for the stuffing. Cotton floss in the colors pink an black for its nose an lips. I used my d crochet hook that is a furls crochet hook always.

More pics of Ms. Missy the Bat:

Her front:


Her back:


Mr Ed the mini Turtle:



I had lots of fun Crocheting him. He has a wife named Ms. Lady Pink that will be showed on my YouTube Channels Video Friday Sept. 29th,2017.  As well as a special skit with him and her an Ms. Missy the bat an a few special guest friends.

Mr Ed the mini Turtles pattern is found:

The yarn that i used:



Paintbox Yarn in cotton Dk. In the colors soft fudge for the light brown, evergreen for the green and sailor blue for the blue. The eyes are from 6060eyes. Stuffing polly-fill. Cotton floss in the color black for his lips. Crochet hook size D furls crochet hook.

Here is some more Photos of Mr. Ed the mini Turtle:

Mr ed’s cute Face:



Mr Ed’s side view:



Mr Ed’s tail:



The marshmallow:


Loved crocheting this mini marshmallow so much fun to make.

The marshmallow pattern:

The yarn used:


Paintbox yarn Dk weight in cotton in the color paper white. black cotton floss for her mouth an eye lashes. Her eyes are from 6060eyes. Polly-fill for stuffing. size e hook for crochet hook.

The star:


Loved crocheting the star but will used different pattern next time that I make a star.

The stars pattern:

The yarn used:


Paintbox Dk Cotton yarn in the color bubblegum pink. The eyes are from 6060 eyes. Polly fill for the stuffing. Cotton floss for the mouth. size D hook for crochet hook.


For the candy corn:


I loved this pattern I will be using the pattern again to make more candy corn:

The pattern is found on:

Under her free patterns link :

The yarn that I used:


Paintbox Yarns in Dk weight in cotton yarn. In the colors orange, paper white, pure black, butternut yellow, sailor blue.The eyes from 6060 eyes. Polly-Fill for the stuffing. Cotton floss for the mouths.

For the star wars kit that i ordered online: Here is the amazon link that I got the kit from. You can buy the kit from amazon if you would like one for your self.



I ended up Making the Princes Layla Doll from it. She was A lot of Fun to Make:





Pattern all found in the book that is in the kit.

For the Acorns:


They were lots of fun to make:

Acorn pattern:

Pattern for Crochet Acorns and Fantastic Ways to Use Them

The yarn used:


Paintbox Dk Cotton yarn in soft fudge and coffee bean. Scheepjese cotton 6 in the color olive. polly-fill for the stuffing. The ares were from 6060 eyes. Cotton floss for there mouths.

That is about it for my finished projects for the past 2 weeks. I hope you enjoyed this blog about them. I will be trying to do a blog like this from now one 1 time a week.

Thank you:

Heather @ Painted World Fiber Arts