My Thoughts On My Latest Finished Crochet Project….

Recently I finished my crochet project that was 2 heart shaped cactus’s inside tea cups. I love cactus’s / tea cups, so this project was so much fun for me to crochet/make. I wrote more about making this project as well as my thought on the project on the love crochet sight. If you would like to make a heart shape cactus inside of a teacup the crochet pattern is found on love crochet page that I wrote about my thoughts on the project. The page is found on the link down below.


If you choose to make one for your self I hope that you have fun doing so. If you would like one crocheted by me they will be for sale in my store that should be open in a couple months if all goes well.

Heather @ Painted World Fiber Arts.


Author: paintedworldfiberarts

I love yarn an fiber art, crocheting, knitting an all yarn related topics.

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