My monthly Darn good yarns Yarn on boxing/unboxing/yarn in the box sub. Past months sub./boxes an current ones. Reviews/ YouTube videos.

I am writing this blog today about my monthly yarn in the box/sub. to darn good yarn. I have been getting the monthly yarn in the box/sub. since April 2017. So far the yarn in the monthly yarn sub./box has been working out really good I love each an every months yarn surprise an goodie’s so far.

For those that haven’t seen my videos or other posts/blogs about the monthly yarn sub/box from darn good yarn that I get. Let me tell you what a monthly yarn sub/box is. It is a once a month yarn sub. that has one skein/hank of yarn in it, in a surprise color /type of yarn that you get w/a suprise goodie. As well as a pattern for knit and crochet. You also will sometimes get discounts towards the type of yarn that you get. It gets delivered in the mail to your house every month unless you signed up for the 1 time yarn sub./box. The first yarn box/sub. is sent out right away to you after that the yarn sub/box will renew on the 1st of every month an then will be sent out to you around the 20th of every month. More info about the monthly yarn box/sub for darn good yarn can be found on their web site @ .

Lets start off with showing you what I got in my yarn in my monthly yarn sub/box for the month of August 2017. It was a very pretty greenish color. That was the DK weight Herbal Dyed Recycled silk yarn. I loved the yarn it was so soft an very pretty even smelled good like tea. It also came w/cookie cutters. Love the cute shapes that the cookie cutters are an I love making cookies. It will be fun to make some yummy cookies w/my son an use the very nice cookie cutters  together. It also had a pattern for knitting an crocheting. Loved the pattern can’t say what it was due to it being part of the box/sub.

Here is a pic of the monthly yarn sub/box for August 2017:

5th one augest

You can buy the Herbal Dyed Recycled silk yarn on the darn good yarn web site in other colors. Here is the link:

I also made a YouTube video about the Yarn sub./box for the month of August 2017. Here is the video please check it out.


Here is some of the other months of the yarn sub/box.

For the Month of July 2017:

In the yarn sub./box for the month of July 2017. I got some very pretty sari silk Chiffon Ribbon yarn in a very pretty blue color. It came w/a project bag and a very nice pattern for crocheting an knitting. Loved both of the patterns. After getting my monthly yarn sub./ box for the month of July I got a e-mail from darn good yarn saying that the pattern for the monthly yarn sub./box needed 2 hanks of the sari chiffon ribbon an I only got 1 in my yarn sub./box so they had a buy one get one going on w/the sari chiffon ribbon an I wanted to make both of the patterns that came with my monthly yarn sub./box I ended up ordering 4 hanks all together but only paying for 2. Still a good deal over all.

Here is a pic of the yarn in the box/sub. for July 2017:

4th one july

The sari chiffon ribbon comes in all different colors an patterns Here is the Link where you can buy some :

Here is the pic of the extra sari chiffon ribbon yarn that I got. Yes I know the pic. was shown in a different blog post of mine. The Chiffon ribbon yarn is the yarn with the pretty bow on it. The darn good yarns fire cracker yarn is the chunky yarn next to it.


I have made a couple of very pretty things w/the sari yarn so far. My pattern an pics. of what I made will be shown in a few days on the blog an a video on YouTube.

I also made a YouTube video about the month of July 2017 yarn in the box/sub. Please check it out.


For the month of June 2017:

In the month of June 2017 yarn sub./box I got 1 skein/hank of speckled tweed recycled silk yarn in a pretty blue color, pretty butterfly magnets, an a knitted/crocheted pattern.

Here is a pic. of the yarn box/sub. for the month of June 2017:

3erd one july

You can buy the speckled tweed recycled silk yarn in other color. Here is the link :

For the month of May 2017:

In the yarn sub./box for the month of may I got sari ribbon cording in a pretty aqua/blue/white/floral fabric pattern so pretty. For the surprise it was stitch markers that were a pretty matching aqua blue, and a pattern for crocheting an knitting.

Here is a pic for the May 2017 yarn sub./box:

2ed one may

The sari ribbon cording comes in other colors to buy. Here is the link :

The April 2017 yarn sub./box:

The April yarn sub./box was my first yarn sub./box from darn good yarn. With every first yarn sub./box that you get you will get 1 skien/hank of the worsted weight woven silk yarn in the color waterfall, mini knitting needles, a crochet hook, and a pattern for crocheting an knitting.

Here is a pic. of the April yarn sub./box:
1st one april

The worsted weight woven silk yarn comes in other colors. Here is the link where you can buy it :

Over all I really love my Darn good yarn sub./box. I love each yarn surprise an goodie that I get as well as the suggested patterns for me to try out. I will continue to subscribe to the monthly yarn box/sub. and keep you up dated about them on this blog as well as my YouTube page.

I also have subscribed to a couple other yarn in the box/monthly sub. That I will be doing unboxing’s with on YouTube an writing about them on this blog.

I love commits please do so in the commits area blow. Please let me know your thoughts about this blog as well as what other yarn in the boxes/sub. that are good to try out.

Thank You for Reading this blog.

Heather @ Painted World Fiber Arts


Chiffon sari silk ribbon yarn an market tote kit review.

Hello. A few days ago i mentioned how i got some new yarn from Darn Good Yarn. It was there chiffon sari silk ribbon yarn that looks like the yarn in the pic. Below.

First let me tell you a little about Darn Good Yarn. They are a yarn company that is from NY. They specialise in yarn that is made from   Silk waste /sari silk waste. The yarn is then put together by lady’s from india /Nepal and sent out to Darn Good Yarn costumers. Creating jobs for lady’s in india/Nepal area that are far waged. I love darn good yarn so much an business’s like them. The reason is they have such a positive out look on creating different kinds of yarn like no other from around the world. Not to mention the owner loves yarn just as much as other yarn lover out there. If you want to learn more about them you can look that up on there web site

Let me tell you about what sari silk chiffon yarn is. It is made from the silk waste that sari silk has. The works take the silk that is left over from making the sari’s an cut it to size an then sow it together an creat yarn with it.

Anyways i got the pile of pretty chiffon sari yarn pic up top. As well as the fire cracker yarn review about that yarn once i use it. I also have some other chiffon sari silk yarn from Darn good yarn as well a few weeks ago i got there market tote kit w/the chiffon sari silk yarn in water colors. The market tote kit is what I will be writing to you about today.

I got the market tote kit a few weeks ago put it aside an was like i will get around to making this soon. When i first got the package in the mail that the kit was in  i opened it up took a look @ the pretty yarn in the pic. Below an was like yes rainbow yarn i love rainbows on yarn.

Let me tell you a little about the market tote kit. It comes with 3 or 4 hanks of sari chiffon silk yarn depending on if you pick the reg chiffon colors or silk colors depends how many hanks you get due to the silk one being bigger u get 3 in place of 4. I picked the watercolor silk one so i got 3 hanks in my kit. You get directions eathier in knit or crochet for the tote printed out for you as well. You can buy one of the market totes @ under kits.

When I got my kit i couldn’t wait to start playing with the yarn an making the project. I winded up one of the yarn hanks  into a ball as I was winding it up oh know it broke an ended up being one big ball an one little ball no worries. Still very pretty an so soft to touch.

I then took out my furls odyssey hook in size L 7.0 and in the recommended sized hook for the pattern that is K 6.5 that is my furls candy shop hook. You can get those hooks @

I decided to use the recommended hook k 6.5, feeling that it was was is best for this project but if you want a bigger bag use the L 7.0 hook or bigger.

I started crocheting up the bottom of the bag an it looks good so far.

The pattern is so easy to fallow. The yarn is so much fun to crochet up. I love how different the yarn is making the bag look with little peace”s  of silk fabric sticking out. Sence sari silk chiffon yarn is similar to t-shirt yarn just made with sari silk in place of t-shirts it makes a very pretty tote so far. I love the recycled sari silk chiffon yarn due to how each hank has its own look to it, speediness of it due to using a large crochet hook, an over all the fun a differentness it brings compared to the normal everyday yarn. I will be buying chiffon sari silk yarn again. Some of my plans for things to make with the other hanks of chiffon sari silk yarn that I have are a scarf, hair band, pouch and rug. I will show those projects off as they happen.

Over all the chiffon sari silk yarn market tote kits has been fun to make so far.  I should be done with the tote shortly an will show you how it comes out. The only bad thing with the chiffon sari silk yarn in the water colors is the yarn dye printed off on my hands and was hard to wash off.

I heard you should pre wash the yarn and heat set it so the dye doesn’t get on you. I will try that next time. Other then the dye issue no complaints.

Thank you for reading my review on the market tote made with chiffon sari silk yarn in color water colors. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. I will be writing  more soon.

Heather @ painted world fiber arts.