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It has been awhile since I have written a blog on here.  In case you have not watched my YouTube Videos before here is the links to the latest Podcast/ Yarn Chat Videos #7 – # 13 Monday & Friday.

Podcast #7 Mondays in Our Pjs/Yarn Chat:


Podcast #7 Fridays Late Night/Yarn Chat:


Podcast # 8 Mondays In Our PJS/Yarn Chat:


Podcast # 8 Fridays Late Night /Yarn Chat:


Podcast # 9 Mondays in Our PJS/ Yarn Chat:


Podcast # 9 Fridays Late Night/ Yarn Chat:


Podcast # 10 Mondays In Our PJS/ Yarn Chat:


Podcast # 10 Fridays Late Night/ Yarn Chat:


Podcast # 11 Mondays In Our PJS/ Yarn Chat:


Podcast # 11 Fridays Late Night/ Yarn Chat:


Podcast # 12 Mondays In Our PJS/ Yarn Chat:


Podcast # 12 Fridays Late Night/ Yarn Chat:


Podcast # 13 Mondays In Our PJS/ Yarn Chat:


Podcast # 13 Fridays Late Night/ Yarn Chat:


I hope that you enjoy watching all of these podcast/Yarn chat Videos. The patterns for all of the Podcast/Yarn Chat Videos will be in the up coming blogs. Thanks for reading this blog.


Heather @ Painted World Fiber Arts


Please Join me every Monday an Fridays on YouTube:

Hello everyone. In case you haven’t seen My latest YouTube weekly Podcasts/crochet, knit,needle point, cross stitch, or what ever yarn art project of choice that you would like to work on together with me while I chat with you about whats going on with me at Painted World Fiber Arts.  Every Monday is the P.J.s one and every Friday is the late night one. These videos are so much fun for me to make an a good way for me to show off my latest projects as well as work on my yarn art project of choice together with you while letting you know what is going on with me @ Painted World Fiber Arts while you work on your current yarn art project of choice. It is a good way to hang out together no matter where you live in the world an create amazing yarn art together.Please join me every Monday and Fridays on YouTube. Here is the latest videos.

The first Monday in our P.J.S Video:


The first Friday Late night one:


The 2ed Mondays in Our PJS one:


The next YouTube video will be out on Friday. Thank you for reading this blog I hope you join me every Monday an Friday on YouTube. There will be some other videos coming out shortly on my YouTube channel now that I finely got my new camera and will be using that as soon as its memory card arrives. The videos will be much betters also thanks to getting a tri-pod finally that is such a big help. My latest crochet items blog an 1 other blog will be up tomorrow. Keeping busy always and loving life doing the things that I love the most.

Talk to you all soon.

Heather @ Painted World Fiber Arts.

Chiffon sari silk ribbon yarn an market tote kit review.

Hello. A few days ago i mentioned how i got some new yarn from Darn Good Yarn. It was there chiffon sari silk ribbon yarn that looks like the yarn in the pic. Below.

First let me tell you a little about Darn Good Yarn. They are a yarn company that is from NY. They specialise in yarn that is made from   Silk waste /sari silk waste. The yarn is then put together by lady’s from india /Nepal and sent out to Darn Good Yarn costumers. Creating jobs for lady’s in india/Nepal area that are far waged. I love darn good yarn so much an business’s like them. The reason is they have such a positive out look on creating different kinds of yarn like no other from around the world. Not to mention the owner loves yarn just as much as other yarn lover out there. If you want to learn more about them you can look that up on there web site

Let me tell you about what sari silk chiffon yarn is. It is made from the silk waste that sari silk has. The works take the silk that is left over from making the sari’s an cut it to size an then sow it together an creat yarn with it.

Anyways i got the pile of pretty chiffon sari yarn pic up top. As well as the fire cracker yarn review about that yarn once i use it. I also have some other chiffon sari silk yarn from Darn good yarn as well a few weeks ago i got there market tote kit w/the chiffon sari silk yarn in water colors. The market tote kit is what I will be writing to you about today.

I got the market tote kit a few weeks ago put it aside an was like i will get around to making this soon. When i first got the package in the mail that the kit was in  i opened it up took a look @ the pretty yarn in the pic. Below an was like yes rainbow yarn i love rainbows on yarn.

Let me tell you a little about the market tote kit. It comes with 3 or 4 hanks of sari chiffon silk yarn depending on if you pick the reg chiffon colors or silk colors depends how many hanks you get due to the silk one being bigger u get 3 in place of 4. I picked the watercolor silk one so i got 3 hanks in my kit. You get directions eathier in knit or crochet for the tote printed out for you as well. You can buy one of the market totes @ under kits.

When I got my kit i couldn’t wait to start playing with the yarn an making the project. I winded up one of the yarn hanks  into a ball as I was winding it up oh know it broke an ended up being one big ball an one little ball no worries. Still very pretty an so soft to touch.

I then took out my furls odyssey hook in size L 7.0 and in the recommended sized hook for the pattern that is K 6.5 that is my furls candy shop hook. You can get those hooks @

I decided to use the recommended hook k 6.5, feeling that it was was is best for this project but if you want a bigger bag use the L 7.0 hook or bigger.

I started crocheting up the bottom of the bag an it looks good so far.

The pattern is so easy to fallow. The yarn is so much fun to crochet up. I love how different the yarn is making the bag look with little peace”s  of silk fabric sticking out. Sence sari silk chiffon yarn is similar to t-shirt yarn just made with sari silk in place of t-shirts it makes a very pretty tote so far. I love the recycled sari silk chiffon yarn due to how each hank has its own look to it, speediness of it due to using a large crochet hook, an over all the fun a differentness it brings compared to the normal everyday yarn. I will be buying chiffon sari silk yarn again. Some of my plans for things to make with the other hanks of chiffon sari silk yarn that I have are a scarf, hair band, pouch and rug. I will show those projects off as they happen.

Over all the chiffon sari silk yarn market tote kits has been fun to make so far.  I should be done with the tote shortly an will show you how it comes out. The only bad thing with the chiffon sari silk yarn in the water colors is the yarn dye printed off on my hands and was hard to wash off.

I heard you should pre wash the yarn and heat set it so the dye doesn’t get on you. I will try that next time. Other then the dye issue no complaints.

Thank you for reading my review on the market tote made with chiffon sari silk yarn in color water colors. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. I will be writing  more soon.

Heather @ painted world fiber arts.

updates working on social media sites as well as enjoying the weekend.

I am finely learning how to work this blog better as well as i got my twitter page an facebook page for painted world fiber arts up an running. Please add me on both of those sites. My instagram will be full of pics by end of the week I will have that link up shortly as well as a few other social media sites. Also hopefully if all goes well some youtube videos one is a random one the other will be my first yarn review on video as well as my next blog( up tomorrow ). Happy exciting times here.

Here is a few of my fun crocheting sea animals sneak preview

My mini octopus named Purple Mystery .

Nar my mini baby nar whale.

Mama the mini whale almost done with here. Just adding a few more things to her.

I love crocheting mini amigurumi. Its fun due to decorating it, fast pace, I don’t mine sowing  small parts /details w/yarn, loving the safety eyes, cute face making and how each one comes out different. A change up from larger projects that take many months to make. Hope everyone enjoys this blog an has a good rest of the night. I am about to crochet up some projects while watching one of my fav. T.V. shows Twin Peaks season 2 the newest season that is out. I am behind 2 episodes , a new ones comes out tonight so that’s 3 now. Cetching  up on T.V. episodes is always fun. Every time I watch Twin Peaks when they show the loge’s tiki post I want to crochet a mini tiki post. Maybe a feature crochet project. We will see.

Night night,

Heather @ Painted World Fiiber Arts

crocheting fun mini items an getting new yarn

I have been having so much crocheting little items like this strawberry, cupcake , as well as the mini octopus. Such fun. Here is the photos of them.

I named the mini octopus missy. I love nameing stuffed toys.

I got some new yarn that i will be wrighting a review about shortly on here. Its some fun recycled chavon ribbon thats sari silk fabric yarn. Love getting this kind of yarn due to each one looks a bit diffrent. I also got some yummy fire cracker yarn thats silk yarn thats recycled an spined up into a nice chucky rainbow. The yarn is all from darn good yarn. There one of my favorit yarn companies. Review about darn good yarn will be coming shortly.  Until then enjoy the photos below ,  as well as seeing my silly kitties they love yarn just as much as me. Wright more on here soon.